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This week we’ll be having a look at something new – branded clothing. I think we all overlook branded clothing when it comes to effective ways to market – we don’t quite understand just how effective it really can be. This is because a lot of branded clothing comes off as cheesy and most companies will give out lower quality clothing to save on their budgets – but really, there’s no need. When you’ve got a smaller budget for your corporate gifting, look towards branded clothing.

And here’s why:

Branded clothing is a cost-effective way to market your brand on a daily basis – forget renting boards on the sides of roads and designing adverts, design a cool t-shirt and give them out to employees and customers. T-shirt costs aside, you now have free daily advertising walking the streets.  And in this way, branded clothing can also increase the effectiveness of your marketing – you may not have realized, but branded t-shirts will get a lot more attention than a common advert.

Branded clothing gives your customers an idea of who your brand is – if your customers understand you and feel yours is a brand they can identify and relate with, they are more likely to buy your products and use your services.

Make sure your branded clothing really represents who you are as a brand and you can build a corporate culture that everyone will want to be a part of.

Don’t forget about your employees either!!   Employees wearing clothing branded with the company they work for establishes a sense of pride – your employees are proud to be representing their own brand. This makes your customers more confident in the brand because this shows that your employees are confident in it, therefore they can be too. On top of this, your employees will be unified by their matching branded clothing – make your company a team and notice the positive impacts in the way your team works together.

Let’s be honest – we all love a corporate gift. But we’d love it more if it were something distinctive and usable. If you can design a unique t-shirt you are not only separating yourself from the competition, but you are also creating something your customers want to wear which adds to your corporate culture. This can be done through the use of colours, modern designs and clever wording.

Everybody wants to be wearing something that stands out in a crowd – let that be your brand.

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