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You will notice that most of the corporate gift and clothing items on our website have a banner advertising free branding; and are asking yourself how this works?

Let us explain. With the branding of a product there are two parts to the branding cost. The branding setup cost and the actual cost of the branding. When a product is advertised to include free branding it means that the actual branding cost and not the branding setup cost is included in the price of the product and is free of charge. As an example, a pen would have a cost of R2.00, the branding cost would be R1.00 and the setup fee would be R350.00. Now normally the pen would cost R3.00 (if you wanted the branding) with your setup charge of R350.00 but if there was free branding you would only pay R2.00 with your setup charge of R350.00.

Kindly note that when free branding is offered on an item that this will be a specific type of branding. In addition, should that branding be pad or screen printing  it will be limited to a certain number of colours.