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We’ve all heard of corporate gifting, but we seem to underestimate the importance of it.

Corporate gifting is a practice by which businesses promote their brand through gifts given to employees, current or potential clients. These gifts, ranging from small products such as pens to experiences, create a relationship between the business and the receiver as they are intended to leave a positive imprint on the receiver.

Corporate gifting is a great way of improving your businesses relationships, not only with your customers but also with your employees.  Corporate gifts, especially those that can be used daily, build client relationships as they are handy and enhance the way customers view the company. They can also motivate employees as they show employees that their work is appreciated thus improving their attitudes and loyalty to the company.

Not to mention that corporate gifting is a cost effective way to build your brand, as among other things, it is an easy form of advertising. Corporate gifts , when branded, spread the details of your brand throughout many different environments, and can interact with many different people.

So what are the best forms of corporate gifting?

Desk items which are always in reach, plants, branded clothing and most effective, personalised gifts, are the best forms of corporate gifting for staff. The more personal, the more effective as this makes it clear to the staff that they matter to the company.

Aside from the usual suspects, such as the branded pen, notebook and mug, the best forms of corporate gifting for customers, fitting today’s needs include branded hand sanitizers, face masks and touch free products.

It is vital that the forms of corporate gifting used by a company are relevant to current times as well as professional looking and of good quality and this improves the brand name as well.